Vadim Dovganyuk

The Calmth Of The Snow

About Me

Ever since I was young I have been going from orphanage to orphanage, adoptive family to adoptive family. From the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia to the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, where I currently live with my "forever family".

My daily life is easily explained by 3 words: kindness, happiness, and respect.
When I am not boxing or studying, I work with children and elderly. I am quite a goofy guy among children, making most children smile and laugh with ease. While I can also be very caring, especially showing when I am among the elderly. I believe strongly in treating everybody with respect, regardless of who they are and were.

Besides all of that, I have a great love for music, which has inspired me to become a translator. With a certified knowledge of more than 40 languages, I subtitle videos from all across the world to other languages.

Contact Me

I will generally respond within 24 hours. Messages approved by my parents before I read them. Spam is automatically removed.